About HKM Jewelry

Hali MacLaren HKM Jewelry

HKM Jewelry is a brand of heirlooms for ocean lovers who strive to protect our seas. A portion of HKM’s yearly profits are donated to various ocean conservation groups.

HKM Jewelry studio Hali MacLaren

“I create handmade jewelry that is inspired by the sea, to spread awareness about its importance and beauty.  Each piece is uniquely created and designed to last for generations. Growing up, I spent every summer in the water and sands of the Jersey coast.  My collection of shells and other sea treasures is extensive, taking up almost every inch of space in my studio, and home.

In silver and gold, I fabricate, carve and have cast using traditional metalsmithing techniques and unconventional objects from the Atlantic shoreline.  My skills come from a BFA in Jewelry and a minor in Photography from The University of the Arts in 2014. After graduating, I built a studio in West Chester and began my HKM Jewelry line inspired by nautical themes.” 

-Hali MacLaren, HKM Jewelry Owner & Maker

hkm jewelry studio west chester

Whether it is a scientifically accurate replica of a seashell, molded and lost wax cast into solid metal – or a long tumbled beach pebble, hand picked and set in a bezel, each piece of HKM Jewelry tells a story – ready to be passed down from generation to generation.