About HKM Jewelry


HKM Jewelry studio Hali MacLarenI create handmade jewelry that is inspired by the sea, to spread awareness about its importance and beauty.  Each piece is uniquely created and designed to last for generations. Growing up, I spent every summer in the water and sands of the Jersey coast.  My collection of shells and other sea treasures is extensive, taking up almost every inch of space in my studio.

halimaclaren_wavebangle copy

In silver and gold, I fabricate, carve and cast using traditional metalsmithing techniques and unconventional objects from the Atlantic shoreline.  My skills come from a BFA in Jewelry and a minor in Photography from The University of the Arts in 2014. After graduating, I built a studio in West Chester and began my HKM Jewelry line inspired by nautical themes.

wave beach sand surf

I create because I cannot stop, even when I am on the beach I will turn each shell into a ring in my mind. In a way I feel attached to my work, as I assume every maker does. It’s as if I put a part of myself into each and every piece. When a piece is complete, sometimes I can hardly believe I have made it with my own hands. This is what inspires me to continue innovating and creating new designs. It is addicting in its own right to constantly be able to push myself and my ability.

oyster brooch enamel on copper, sterling silver

When another person sees the value in my work they are also instilling that value in me. It is not just for personal satisfaction, but to bring joy to someone else as well. There is a chain of connections that is born through shared art; from the making of jewelry, to the wearing of it. Then, from the wearing of that jewelry to the visualizing of that it on someone else. Conversation travels with jewelry, from one person to another as ideas are passed down along the chain. I hope my jewelry is talking and that one day it will travel across the world. I love when a customer tells me about the people they have met through conversations about my jewelry. That something I have made, that they have worn has started a new friendship. I strive for that connection with a new person – who loves the sea as much as I do, and who shares my mission to be an ambassador for it.