Anchor Ring

custom silver anchor ring by hkm jewelryMae is the programs director of Sedge Island Natural Resource and Education Center, and she is one of the coolest people I know. We spent a long weekend together this summer when I taught a workshop at Sedge, she knows so much about local marine flora and fauna! design of anchor ring by hkm jewelry

She commissioned this strong and symbolic ring using a gold charm necklace that her grandfather gave her as a guide. The necklace had a very tiny anchor charm that she wanted transferred into a silver ring. I took the charm and traced it, a few times in pen and pencil, since my micron markers were actually too thick for the small details. anchor shape glued to silver sheetanchor shape cut out of silver sheet

Then I meticulously hand cut it out using an 8/0 saw blade, which in non-jewelry maker terms, could be equivalent to about 5 strands of hair!

anchor shape charmsanchor charm in silver filed and sanded and detailed

I sanded the edges smooth and added a little radius to match the contours of the gold charm then formed the ring and soldered it on. I gave her the ring when we met up for a fossil hunt this fall, she helped me find my first ever shark tooth!

anchor ring being soldered by hkm jewelry
mae modeling her anchor and limpet rings by hkm jewelry on a fossil hunt colts neck NJ

I can't wait to see how this ring wears with time. In my opinion, as silver ages, it gets the best patina! Especially on something like a ring that is worn often, the high points will remain bright and all the little details and recesses will be highlighted from oxidation.