Citrine Bezel Necklace

Citrine Bezel Necklace
sterling silver and citrine
This vibrant tumbled gemstone was a lovers gift as a diversion for an exciting proposal plan. Citrine is Sara's favorite gemstone, as it holds spiritual meaning to her. Rob had her ring made with a small hidden citrine beneath the band, to be worn against her skin as her secret stone.
Rob planned it all out and executed it perfectly, while the two were on a trip in New Mexico, he snuck away to find a box to plant the ring inside to present it to her later. That's when he stumbled upon a mineral store and found a geode, the perfect display for his ring. He picked up the citrine stone as a souvenir and diverted her whereabouts questions with this humble little pebble gift. Which she happily accepted and had no idea what else was coming.
Later on, Rob took Sara on a truly unforgettable excursion on a hot air ballon ride.  Just before they took off, they got inside the balloon that's when he popped the question with the ring inside the geode. He even hired a secret photographer who posed as a balloon crew member to get this shot!
A few weeks later, Sara and Rob visited me at one of my favorite craft shows (Bayhead AITP) to design a custom bezel set necklace for the humble little stone. After hearing the story and inspecting the stone, I drew up some designs to represent their proposal trip using the hot air balloon theme.
After just a few sketches we went with option # 3 and I got to work! The stone was quite irregular and hard to set, as with all tumbled stones since they are uncut and left in their raw form, but I love a challenge, it just makes it that much more fun!
I loved the way the balloon is hidden behind the stone, much like her engagement ring, with the citrine hidden inside it. I know she will cherish this piece for many years.
Sara wore her new necklace on their wedding day surrounded by loved ones and I couldn't be happier to be part of their special day in this way!
Congrats to Sara and Rob!