Crinoid Stem Fossils

crinoid fossils cast in sterling silver by hkm jewelry

A lovely artist friend of mine found two different sized crinoid fossils at a hike out west. These amazing little sea lilies are from around 400 million years ago, also known as feather stars, they were dominant in our seas in the Paleozoic period when fish and marine species diversified greatly.  cluster of charms with pebble, starfish and crinoid fossil cast by hkm jewelrymini crinoid fossil stem charms on sterling chain in sterling silver by hkm jewelry

crinoid fossil stem sea lily Paleozoic period cast in sterling on a 14k gold fill bangle bracelet by hkm jewelry

Early this year I cast these as little trinkets to give to her loved ones and by the end of the year, she and her cousin brought me the larger castings back to be made into stunning matching bangles.