Faceted Glass Mermaid

glass mermaid necklace in sterling silver by hkm jewelryThis special piece was made for a dear friend and collector, as a gift from her amazing husband whom I've known my whole life. Frank commissioned this as a Christmas present to his dear wife. She is a fellow mermaid and I know just what she likes. 
faceted glass mermaid pendant design by hkm jewelry

I went through my stone collection to find the perfect one for this piece, a hand cut and faceted aqua colored glass cabochon to be used as her tail. I then sketched the mermaids torso, head, arms and flipper. I wanted her to be holding the bail for the chain. mermaid necklace with blue glass tail by hkm jewelryA few layers were needed to create the effect I wanted, so one arm overlaps the other, and her hair is raised up over her face. When you flip her over she has textured long locks down her back.back view of mermaids hair on mermaid necklace by hkm jewelry

"Hali I can’t tell you how much I love my mermaid!! And there is a little something that you don’t know about she and I but her crooked boobies match mine now that I’ve had breast cancer to a “t”! That may be tmi but she’s so cute and I just love that she’s perfectly imperfect just like me😊 I know Hali I cried when I noticed that, I’m crying now! I’m so honored to have a beautiful Mermaid created by you it always comes with so much more than just the piece, it’s filled with love and intention, your spirit, and yes she brings me healing and comfort because of that! I am so thankful and lucky my sweet Mermaid Sister🩵🧜‍♀️🩵" - Leslee