Fossil Shark Teeth Shadow Box

fossil shark teeth shadow box by hkm jewelry and lenny bellDavid has the largest fossilized shark teeth collection of all my clients. He has beautiful displays of them and I've been molding his shark teeth for my own line for a few years now. He collects them all from Calvert Cliffs MD and they are dated to be from the Miocene period - or 17 million years old!

davids shark teeth collection from calvert cliffs md

(these are just his mini teeth!)

David wanted a shadow box made to feature some of his favorites this year and I asked a wood working friend Lenny Bell to create a walnut box for us to work with. 

walnut shadow box by the wooden head - lenny bell and cast fossil shark teeth from calvert cliffs by hkm jewelry

Once the dimensions were set I created the layout in a grid style with 13 different teeth that proportionally balanced each other when laid in such a way. The teeth at N, S, E and W are cast in bronze, all four corners, and the center are natural teeth, and the inner for corner teeth are cast in silver.
layout sketch of shark tooth shadow box by hkm jewelry
I used silicone on the back of the natural teeth since it would not damage them and epoxy on the metal cast ones to adhere the steel posts and raise them off the pad. 
wall hanging cast fossil shark teeth from calvert cliffs by hkm jewelry