Custom Shark Tooth Pendants

great white shark tooth wrap in bronze and silver by hkm jewelryCapt. John BullShark is a professional pirate in south Florida - a buccaneer for hire to educate inspire and promote the conservation of sharks! He is also an artist himself, how cool?!

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Since shark diving in Fiji, he made some friends and was given an exquisite set of bull shark teeth found on different dives, one large upper jaw tooth and a smaller lower jaw tooth. I was thrilled to bring his heirloom pieces to life for his family and friends. 

bull shark teeth from fiji

On the larger tooth there is a chip on the left side, possibly from when the shark was eating something hard, it could have been what caused the tooth to fall out!

cast bull shark teeth in silver and bronze with wire wrap in 14k gold by hkm jewelryThese two modern Bull 🦈 Shark Teeth are 100% Shark Safe! The upper tooth coming from the @myfijishark Bull Shark I adopted the last 2 years, Long John, acquired by @sharkdusoleil at the @thefijisharkdive Dive Site and the lower caught falling thru the water by @captainjohnmoore on my first Bull Shark Dive with @sofaloaf23 and @floridasharkdiving. I wanted them to be family heirlooms, but I knew eventually they could chip and crack. I am so grateful for Hali @hkm_jewelry amazingly capturing these treasures in sterling silver and bronze!!! From the serrations on the tiny tooth to the chip in Long John's, absolutely beautiful! They will be cherished! Can't thank you enough for your Arrrtworks 🙏🙏🙏" - Capt John BullShark

After working on his bull shark teeth he commissioned another set of jewelry pieces molded from a great white tooth he had since the 90s - this tooth was a big momma jomma, measuring in a little over 2" long - meaning this shark was over 20 feet long!

captain john bullshark jewelry collaboration with hkm jewelry using cast bull shark and great white teeth in bronze silver and 14k gold

"Accessorizing is vital when you're a Pyrate 🗡️💀🦈. My @hkm_jewelry Bull Shark Teeth and Great White Shark Teeth in Sterling Silver and Bronze. Pyrate Rosary corded by me. The Bull Shark Teeth are 100% Shark Safe as they were cast from teeth recovered at Shark Diving Sites. GWS Tooth, I can't recall the story on, it was purchased in the 90s. I can't thank Hali enough for all the beautiful and amazing artwork 🙏🙏🙏" - Capt John BullShark

I loved this great white tooth so much that I added some designs to my line for you to purchase. The bracelet is my new favorite!