Horse Conch Necklace

Horse Conch Necklace
sterling silver
This beautiful large Horse Conch shell is actually small compared to how large these snails can actually get! Ali has the COOLEST job ever, running shelling tours off Florida's Gulf Coast, by kayak! Check out her company and shop for all kinds of shell themed goodies if you can't make a tour!
Ali's all time favorite shell is a Horse Conch and she needed a bold statement necklace to show it off to her touring customers. We talked about weight but little did I know the finished necklace would come out to be 100 grams!
She sent me the cutest package of goodies for me to choose from for her special custom made necklace + I got to keep the extras!
How cool did this turn out? Thanks so much Ali - I hope to take a tour with you in the near future!
You can watch the video I made on the creation of this piece on Instagram HERE!