Spirit Animal Wedding Bands

With the help of the customer himself and his artistic abilities - I was able to take his drawing and implement my own ideas to create matching bands for him and his partner. 

original sketch by brendan schaffer of spirit animal designsoriginal spirit animal ring sketch by hkm jewelry

After quite a few designs, we finalized and I sent it to my CAD designer to create a 3D file for the wax casting process. Once printed in wax, the rings were lost wax cast in solid 14k white gold, cleaned up and polished.finalized spirit animal wedding band layout for CAD by hkm jewelryCAD rendering of spirit animal wedding bands by kevin hilderbrandCAD rendering of finalized wedding bands with spirit animals hare and otter vines and waves in 14k white gold by hkm jewelry

Finally the rings were finished and the proposal was planned, Brendan is a profession sand sculptor and created the most magical day for his special guy.

Congrats to happy couple! Check out Brendan's Instagram for more of his artwork! 

Will you marry me sand sculpture by brendan schaffer art - gay proposal in cape may